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The Founder of For The Record - Vinyl Bar, Buland, has been involved in the world of vinyl for quite a few years now. He also founded Audiophile Goa, a store for everything to do with analogue audio. Buland is an Architect and a Gypsy Jazz musician who started this space with an aim to provide the ultimate music experience for a listener. With this aim, he also designs and builds tube based amplifiers and speakers. The quest for spreading awareness about this lovely analogue format of music led him to start India's very first Vinyl Bar. 

The concept of this vinyl bar is based on the Vinyl Bars of Tokyo. A small intimate space to enjoy the music and some local spirits and brews. There is a twist though, we have specially handcrafted a vacuum tube HiFi system for the space which gives an unbeatable experience to the customer.

If one looks at our menu, it is easy to notice our fondness for Goa's indigenous spirit, Feni. We have designed a range of cocktails which pleases the regulars as well as first time consumers of this delicious and highly underrated spirit. Apart from that, we focus only on Indian Craft spirits and brews. Our menu is limited, but we bring you the best of what the country has to offer. There are a lot of equally passionate people in the world of alcobevs and our aim is to spread the word about the same.



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